2. Digital technology through coding exercises-Intermediate Level
Taking a step further  
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For the last month, you have been using some free resources and tools you found to learn more about coding & programming. You are trying to dedicate at least one or two hours per day to work on your new goal, although it is sometimes quite hard to entirely focus due to other responsibilities and limited free time. There are days you feel tired and discouraged, but you are not the kind of person that gives up. You can proudly say that your knowledge and skills on the topic are now considerably developed compared to how you started. Your friend Jason notes this improvement from your discussions and is very supportive: “Keep going! I think you can now start digging deeper; you have a lot to learn yet”.  These words are encouraging, especially when they come from a person knowing the field.
Source: https://www.edsurge.com/news/2019-05-02-is-coding-over-why-learning-to-code-is-really-about-learning-to-learn
An unknown machine language
Source: https://www.searchenginejournal.com/automate-google-ads-no-coding-required/272377/
While looking into the online tools & resources, you came across the terms “binary code” and “coding languages” several times. You are getting confused again. It is time you look deeper into these terms. It seems that binary code is the only language that a computer can understand, and you want to see how it works. You get lost again in the vast information available online. But luckily, you find an online encyclopedia and a short video explaining how binary code works and start exploring and practising this new language…
Read the following definition from Britannica encyclopedia and watch the video explaining how to read and write binary and answer the following question  https://www.britannica.com/technology/binary-codehttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8bdSWiBsfw:
Q1. Which of the following options represents the number “55” in binary code? *
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