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Please fill out a separate form for each frog record. For example if you find frog spawn and adult frogs at the same time, please fill out two separate forms. IPCC would be delighted to accept any pictures of the habitat, the frog lifecycle stage or threats to the habitat you observe . Please forward any pictures to bogs@ipcc.ie or post your photographs to the Bog of Allen Nature Centre, Lullymore, Rathangan, Co. Kildare
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Please enter a grid reference for where you made your observation. You can find the grid reference for your observation by visiting http:www.biology.ie/convert.php (type this address into your browser or use the link in the text above)  and clicking on the map! (This will open in a pop-up window). You can then copy the grid reference into the space provided.
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Please record  the number of clumps of frog spawn, individual tadpoles, froglets and adult frogs seen using the following codes: A: 1 B: 2-9 C: 10-29 D: 30-100 or more
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Please record the date of the find
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