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Opera by Mari.Reiza

A scorching rendition of human resilience
Suffering Ivanka, once an arts patron in Moscow, receives a wrongly delivered letter at her secret address in Kensington. Her therapist Fer recognizes the intended recipient immediately, leading her into the hands of Maria, a faded Italian pop-idol leading a reclusive life only a few houses away. Maria unintentionally wakes Ivanka up to the nature of the spiritual depth she has been craving, convinces her it's the lack of it that has made her sick. Can she, with the help of Igor, her sweetest long-life friend and accomplice, help Maria back into music?
Opera is a story pouring with life, hope, love and death.

The Retreat by Mari.Reiza

An uncomfortable but fascinating ripening journey
Ahmed has abandoned her. Nadia is gone the way Isabelle did before, her two fallen warriors. But Marie can still hear His voice clearly.
A deep call for justice takes hold in an impressionable teenage girl from a recently broken family during a religious retreat; what happens next will mark her life for years to come.
the Retreat is a story of men playing God, of hurt that doesn’t find its way out.

Caro M by Mari.Reiza

Portraits of unyielding love. A woman, mostly alone in her world but for her dog, shares memories through letters to her old 'tesoro'; a wife trusts her sweetheart psychiatrist blindly through her divorce; a young girl lands a fairy tale wedding soon to turn into a nightmare her cousin yearns to fix. Immersive, witty, tender, Caro M, explores the hurricane-like devastation love is capable of.

Physical by Mari.Reiza

A book about female desire. In a small town in northern Italy, Kiki feels worthless and angry when her longtime partner finds a new cool girl to ride on another decade of easy existence. Meanwhile in London, Fátima, the wife of Kiki’s best friend, is losing her self-hood after giving birth to twins and being made redundant. Both heroines are determined to rebuild the passion and impunity of their youth, vitalizing desires that will bring them to risk everything.

Room 11 by Mari.Reiza

After an accident leaves a woman in a coma, her husband sits on a hospital chair day-in day-out singing to her. Nobody can pull him away from her as she threads through the dreams that could save her. Meanwhile, a delusional nurse grows her admiration for him into obsessive desire. A dual narrative by broken heroines winding between desire, anger and forgiveness, to help them re-emerge from their separate tragedies.

West bEgg by Mari.Reiza

Luca is a punch bag, a tea towel, a toilet bowl, to Macco One, the undeniable and unbreakable King of Egg Power, proud of averaging over a hundred flights a year to visit chicken markets around the world. Anna moved to Catania to work for Madame Sicily fulfilling varied tasks from picking up Céline swimwear before it hits the runways, to recovering badly parked Lamborghinis. La Revolução dreams through buildings but builds parking spaces, when she is not helping launder money for her boss’s dad’s dodgy charities. And finally Carolina is out to conspire with Paquita who met her boss, the German, in a red lit booth, to understand why the man has to drain the passion out of everything. Their fates will collide at the preposterous Fanta party, but the question is whether their bosses will get what they deserve?

West bEgg is a novel about the behaviour of the power elite who are often still arrogant and uneducated, ridiculously flamboyant, obscene, sex-obsessed, full of entitlement, afraid of rejection and unfortunately indestructible.

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