Program Survey 2019
Olive Free Library offers educational and entertaining programs for adults, teens, and children. In order to ensure the program calendar meets the needs and interests of the community, we are seeking your opinions about the kind of events you would attend at the Library. Please answer these questions and add any other comments you have by May 31st.

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this survey! If you have questions please contact us at

How often do you use Olive Free Library for study, entertainment, research, reading, computer use, attending programs or meetings?
If you answered “Once a Year” or “Never” above please tell us why you answered that way?
Rank the top 5 ways you prefer to learn about programs, cultural events, performances and other things to do.
1 highly preferred
5 least preferred
At the Library
Library website
Library eNewsletter
Library Staff
Social Media (Facebook/Instagram)
Local newspaper
Library mailing
Online Community Calendars
Library flyer
What are the best times of day for you to attend programs? (rank from best time "1" to worst time "5")
1 best time
5 worst time
Weekday mornings
Weekday afternoons
Weekday evenings
Saturday morning
Saturday afternoons
Why do you attend library programs?
How would you rate the quality of the adult programs held at the Olive Free Library?
Here are some ideas for programs that could be offered by the Olive Free Library. Please mark the TEN programs you would be most interested in attending.
1 highly interested
10 least interested
Musical instrument lessons
Live music and concerts
Classic film series
Dance lessons and social events
Gardening talks/workshops
Arts & crafts activities
Basic computer class
SAT preparation
TASC (GED) preparation
Consumer protection topics such as using the internet safely, learning about recalls
Civic/government lectures
Meet your government representatives
Monthly Senior soical events
Local history lectures
Bus trips to NYC
Cooking demonstrations
Sewing workshops
Microsoft products class
Technology troubleshooting
Legal issues-health care proxies, writing a will
Board game tournaments
Foreign language class
Sustainability and climate change lectures
Poetry readings
Writing classes
Author visits
Health topics such as nutrition, healthcare, and exercise
Sponsored hikes
Monthly potluck dinners
Google Suite classes
Social media classes
Senior living workshops
Financial planning and money management
What would you like to be able to borrow from the library? Please check all that apply.
What other services or programs would you like the Library to provide?
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