Lee Middle School Yearbook Application
Do you want to join the 2018 - 2019 Yearbook Staff at Lee Middle School? Fill out the information below. All applications must be in by October 19, 2018 .

Are you...

~ A good writer? Are you creative as well as good at grammar and spelling?

~ Good at technology? Do you have a superior working knowledge of computers and digital cameras? Do you learn new software easily?

~ Creative? Do you have great ideas for layouts for our yearbook? Can you take creative digital photos?

~ Responsible? Will you be on time to meetings? Will you work diligently to meet deadlines?

~ Willing to work? Can you manage your time to handle working lunches? Can you stay after school to photograph events?

Do you…

~ Follow directions? Are you able to follow verbal directions independently? Will you take on tasks and work hard to complete them?

~ Follow all school rules? Are you respectful of others? Will you represent the school and yearbook coordinator in a positive manner?

~ Earn good grades? Do you have at least a 3.0 in grades and no discipline referrals?

Complete this Form and the 3 activities by October 19, 2018

Name: *
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Grade *
Check the skills you are proficient in. *
Write a short paragraph about any experiences you have had with yearbooks or photography. *
Use complete sentences and limit yourself to 100 words or less.
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ACTIVITY: Why do you think you'll be a great member of the Yearbook Staff? *
Use complete sentences and limit yourself to 100 words or less.
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ACTIVITY: Take a creative picture with people and write a creative caption for it. *
Email the picture and write the caption in the message box OR you can put the picture in Word and write a caption for it.
ACTIVITY: Teacher Recommendations *
The recommendations were attached to your form. Two recommendations need to be completed. The teacher will turn these in to Mrs. Cavanaugh
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