Official Parish Membership Form

You are on your way to becoming a legal member of our incorporated association. This means you will be the first to get important information, are entitled to attend general meetings, be part of committees and sub-committees, and many valuable opportunities not available to general attendees.

You understand to fill out this form validly:
1) An email address is required.
2) Law requires members to make payment- this will be used for the benefit of the parish.
3) On-line membership may cost more than In-Person fees.
4) One form per person is required (inc. family memberships).
5) You only have to fill out this form once. Periodic renewal will be easier.
6) Non-Membership DOES NOT exclude you from participating in the liturgical life of our Holy Church.
7) You must be 15 years old or over.
8) This form may take up to 10 minutes per person...

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