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Welcome! This is a sign-up sheet for Graduate Student Tests for the Unified Forecast System (UFS; https://ufscommunity.org). Graduate Student Tests are a way to collect input on the experience of getting, running, and modifying code associated with the UFS. Please fill out the form below and someone from the UFS project will be in touch within a few days. You don't have to be a graduate student to participate - all feedback is appreciated. If you are a graduate student, please ask your advisor to send a short note in support of your participation to: ufsfocusgroupcontact@gmail.com

The test we are currently enlisting participants in is the following:
GST3: Run the Medium-Range Weather Application v1.0 for 48 hours, use the workflow software to make a change to the namelist that increases the concentration of cloud condensation nucleii (CCN), and perform another 48 hour run with this change. Then compare the total cloud cover field before and after the change. This test is allotted 6 hours.

There are a few prerequisites for this activity and evaluation. If you don't have them, please write ufsfocusgroupcontact@gmail.com. It may be that we can help you satisfy the prerequisites, or that a different activity is a better fit.

- An account on Cheyenne (NCAR), Stampede2 (XSEDE), or Hera (NOAA) will make the test easier, but you can try the test on other platforms.
- Experience or coursework related to basic computational Earth system modeling.
- Some knowledge of running code on high performance computing platforms: submitting jobs through batch systems, working on a command shell, and looking at results using a visualization package (e.g. NCL).

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