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Is there a particular model or series you're looking for?
Example: 8360R - OR - 8000 series 250hp+
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Any particular options you must have?
Example: Front duals and ILS, 540/1000 PTO
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What kind of hour range are you looking to stay in?
Example: under 1,500 hours
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Is there a particular price range you'd like to stay in or be under?
Example: under $200,000 (don't include potential trade, if there is one)
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Any alternative you would consider?
Example: Consider 8360RT instead of 8360R - OR - No
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Is there a time frame for acquiring this eqiupment?
Example: Yes, I'd like this before harvest - OR - No, sometime in the next year or so
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Have a potential trade-in? Tell me more about it
Any pictures, build sheets, or maintenance records you might have would be very helpful.
Please email them as an attachment to: a.bobeck@gmail.com
Make, model, model year, hours, options, condition, etc.
Example: I have a 2005 JD 8520 with 3,500 hours in excellent condition, AutoTrac Ready, Front Duals and ILS, tires are 50%
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