Reef Nomads Skills Advancement Workshop
Hey Buddy!

Do you want to improve your skin diving skills, marine life awareness, and safety techniques?
Here's a 3-hour workshop where you'll learn the following:

šŸ’” 1st hour in the classroom
āœ” Dive Planning: How to make sure your dive trip is SAFE and enjoyable
āœ” Sustainable Dive Practices: How to be responsible skin divers who protect our seas
āœ” Breath-hold Improvement

šŸŠā€ā™€ļø 2nd-3rd hour at the 6-ft. pool
āœ” Practice Exercises to Improve Equalization, Depth, & Form
āœ” Rescue from Blackout
āœ” Bonus: Bubble rings!

Learning fee: Php2290 all in with FREE gear rental (mask, snorkel, fins)

*Slots are limited to 10 for your safety and quality learning experience.

Who is this workshop for?
-Anyone who has had formal training on the basics of Skin Diving (recreational freediving) / Freediving. If you want to learn the basics first we highly recommend attending one of our Starter Pool Sessions here:

This is the sign up form for the Reef Nomads Skills Advancement Workshop at SCUBA Studio, San Juan, Metro Manila.

Secure your slot by completing the following steps:
1. Fill out this form
2. Send us your payment (P2290)
a. Paypal - (
b. Bank deposit/transfer - BPI Checking Account 1990 0191 73 Marie Angela Sembrano Petines.

3. Send your proof of payment to, please include the name you used for this sign up.

We'll then send you a confirmation email once we receive it.

If you have any questions, feel free to message us on our Facebook Page:

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