AI in conversation, interaction and embodiment
By Roger Ter Heide and Nikita Kayal
Event Timing: 22nd of March
Duration: 90 Min
Event Address: Willem Wilminkplein 2, 7511 PG Enschede

ImproVive has been utilizing AI across various application areas. In this workshop, we invite you to immerse yourself in a VR experience we've developed called "Shuffles in Seeds."

In "Shuffles and Seeds," we explore the concept of embodiment within VR. We gradually construct and deconstruct your virtual body, leading to mutations and changes in your sense of embodiment. You'll witness this transformation by observing your own body and by interacting with a companion—an entity that mirrors your actions but also retains memories of both your actions and those of previous players. Your interactions and the collective memory of the companion blend together, offering a unique interactive experience.

During the workshop, you'll have the opportunity to experience "Shuffles and Seeds" firsthand. Additionally, we invite you to delve into the concept of embodiment and its implications. We'll begin with a brief introduction to our exploration of embodiment and the development of this project. Following the VR experience, we'll open the floor to questions and discussions surrounding the concept of embodiment.

ImproVive is a digital agency based in Amersfoort, specializing in solutions utilizing VR, AI, and game technology. Our team comprises Roger ter Heide as CEO and Nikital Kayal as a game designer and business partner

Please note that entrance to this workshop is included with the day ticket. There are 15 seats available, so make sure you enlist on time!

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