2021B CDRA Emergency Number Change Form
Geez! There's too dang many of you people and we plumb ran outta numbers. Here's what we're gonna do:

We're allowing suffixed numbers, with up to three drivers able to run the same number. Suffixes can be one or two letters. For example, if three people want the 29, we would allow 29, 29S, and 29GT as three separate entries. They would be represented in-game as 29, 291 and 292.

All suffixed numbers will need to be reflected clearly on your car's paint, with the letter(s) after the number anywhere from one-half to one-quarter of the size of the number.

We're still limiting the numbers themselves to two digits because this is still a NASCAR-type series and three digit numbers are just unseemly! What is this, dirt? We ain't dirt. Gosh.

If you're happy with the number you have now, no need to fill out this form!

You can see the currently assigned numbers on the CDRA roster tab here: tinyurl.com/rosterofcort
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E-mail Address (for verification) *
Your preferred number (include suffixes if desired). Please list at least three. List your preferred number even if it is currently taken, in case it opens up once things are shuffled around. *
After Submitting:
The CORT administration team will be checking over the submissions and making adjustments on a first-come first-serve basis.
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