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Just then, the moon emerged from behind a cloud. The FULL moon emerged. Jack took a step back in horror, dropping his rented movie to the pavement.

"No," he said running his trembling hands through his hair, "Not now. Not tonight!"

Mikey the video rental man continued to point at Jack through the glass door of the Movie Rental Store, shrieking with laughter. He knew he had won. He knew he had prevented Jack from returning his movie, thus ensuring that Jack would never rent from there again. But Mikey soon realized that something was wrong with Jack. At first he thought Jack might be crying, but there was definitely something much worse going here.

Jack was writhing and clutching his head, as if in intense pain. Then Jack looked up at Mikey with yellow eyes, and unusually pointy teeth. Jack was turning into a werewolf! Fur was sprouting all over his body, and his shoulders were expanding. His t-shirt ripped and fell from his back exposing a torso of matted, dark brown fur. Jack's fingernails morphed into black claws as a brown tail popped out of relaxed-fit jeans. Transformation complete, Jack stiffened and looked up at the full moon and let out a blood-curdling howl: "AAAWWHROOO!!!"

Mikey screamed. His laughter and scoffing had turned into terror. He ran for the back of the store, but he didn't know how he was going to get out of this one. He knew from experience that werewolves don't like it when they can't return their rented movies.
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