Augmented Vacancies Brand Ambassadors
Being part of Augmented Vacancies gives you access to so many advantages. We’ve listed out just a few of the benefits of being involved, as follow:
1. Work as part of a talented team
Working with some of the most talented people in your area is an opportunity that come up not often at all! Considering the varied skills that being put together to run a forefront recruitment organisation.
2. Give your CV extra boost
Our aim is to give students employability skills and hand on opportunity during their studies. If you’re in the edge of graduating, with the presence of being part of our AV's community, we'll give you lots of employability advice and a reference too!
3. Personally network with our contacts
We organise events from time to time and this gives you different experience to work in different areas from organising events, marketing, PR to admin work! We have got massive network with other industry experts so as the AV Ambassador, you’ll have an excuse to talk to them more in depth and rack their brains.

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