Greetings from the Braille Circulating Library in Richmond, Virginia!

Library beginnings – In her own words
Miss Louise Harrison McCraw (1893-1975), an author of numerous books about various subjects, became concerned after meeting with a group of visually impaired individuals in Richmond, Virginia, that there was a great need for Christian literature for the blind to access. There was at the time almost nothing of spiritual content available in Braille.
Miss McCraw was a friend of Dr. James H. McConkey (1858-1937), himself a prolific author. Dr. McConkey graduated from Princeton College in 1880 as class president, studied law and was admitted to the bar. He played an influential role in the work of YMCA and in founding the Africa Inland Mission.
As Miss McCraw wrote: “it occurred to me that the best service I could render the visually impaired would be to have the McConkey books, from the Silver Publishing Society in Pittsburgh, transcribed into Braille for them.” Given the enormity of the need for spiritual Braille material, the idea of a library began to take shape. She then contacted Dr. McConkey, suggesting he have some of his books and pamphlets transcribed into Braille. The idea intrigued him and soon made plans to travel to Richmond to discuss the matter. Meeting with Miss McCraw he said, ”You know, if the Lord should see fit to initiate a work of this kind for the visually impaired, He might have a very definite part in it for you and it might have its base right here in Richmond.”

Braille Library today
Over 91 years later, we who minister with the Braille Library today still have the same passion to help those who need to be fed the Word of God. We welcome you to give us an opportunity to serve your needs.
Giving is an integral part of the ministry. All of our services are gifts to those who receive them. Please take the time to visit our web site to see a listing of topical interests. Included in these are a wide variety of tapes, large print books and Braille books for young people and seniors alike. Our listings come in Braille and/or cassette tape.
How can we operate without a certainty of income? This is totally a faith-based ministry, dependent primarily upon churches and individuals like you, who understand the need and respond regularly or sporadically with financial gifts, depending on their situation. God is in control, so all activity is based on what comes in and we are thankful for it, regardless.
So how can we serve you? You may contact us by regular mail, via email, or by phone.

A survey for the Library
The following survey is for the benefit of improving the Library’s service in meeting your needs. We would very much appreciate your taking a few moments to answer the ten short questions, and return it to us. There will be a drawing from the names of all participants for a $100 Amazon gift card, donated by one of our patrons. The winner will be notified at the conclusion of the survey. We will allow until October 31, 2016, to reply.
We would welcome your calls anytime weekdays 10:00 AM to 4:30 PM. I personally look forward to hearing from you. Emails are anytime!
Thank you for participating with us!

Bill Jeffries, Interim Executive Director
Braille Circulating Library
2700 Stuart Avenue
Richmond, VA 23220-3305
804-359-3743 Library
804-543-1337 Cell

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7. If the Braille Circulating Library made resources available online, would you use them?
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8. Are there any other services or materials would you like the Braille Circulating Library offer to broaden its appeal and help participants grow spiritually?
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Thank you for participating in this short but important survey. Your responses will help ensure that the Braille Circulating Library remains effective and efficient in its mission to “bring insight to the sightless.”
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