Strengthening the Great Blue Wall: The West Coast Response to Offshore Drilling- October 8, 2018
Join us for this FREE conference open to campus and community
Location: Beckman Center of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine, 100 Academy Dr., Irvine.

Strengthening the Great Blue Wall is a collaboration from across Washington, Oregon and California to focus together from the perspectives of institutions of the Executive and Legislative branches of government, the legal community, scientific researchers, Native Americans, fishermen, and an informed and empowered civil society in order to preserve and protect the precious coastline and coastal resources of the West Coast from the all-too-well established hazards of off-shore drilling.

Coastal Communities have a right not to have their properties invaded by another Santa Barbara Oil Spill, or to have their use and enjoyment or their coastal lands and livelihoods substantially and unreasonable interfered with as occurred with the Gulf Oil Spill.

See or for the conference schedule.

Free and open to campus and community.

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