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We are so glad that you are interested in leading an eGroup where people can be real and connect with other people. Please take a few minutes to complete the following interest form so we are able to consider your group idea for the upcoming semester.
About Your eGroup
What kind of eGroup will this be? *
What book of the Bible, book, or social activity will your group be doing? *
i.e., Psalms; Stronger by Clayton King; Touring local restaurants...
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How long will you need to get through the group? *
Think about how many chapters are in the book you are reading and how many weeks you might need to accomplish the goal of the group. (most groups will last b/w 10 and 12 weeks)
Where will you be meeting? *
Provide the name of the location (i.e. Chick-fil-A, my apartment, Ryan's House) and the address.
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What would you like your eGroup to be named?
It is okay if you don't have a preference, and if you do have a suggestion it may or may not be used
In 3 or 4 sentences, how would you describe your group to people looking to sign-up? *
About You
Our eGroup leaders are a representation of Element and as they create spaces for people to be real and connect with other people, we want them to be in a place where they can lead others to Christ and to take their next steps. The following questions are intended to help us know you more.
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