HTMC Hike Coordinator Application
Mahalo for your interest in becoming an HTMC hike coordinator. At this time, we are looking for coordinators for advanced hikes. If you are an HTMC member interested in leading advanced hikes, we encourage you to apply by completing this application. You can either apply individually or with a partner. Applications will be reviewed approximately quarterly. If you would like to check on the status of your application or have questions, please contact Barb Bruno at <>. Mahalo!

Pro Tip: Read through all questions before you start, to ensure you have all the necessary information.
Are you applying to coordinate hikes individually or with a partner? *
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Which of these hikes would you NOT be comfortable leading, or have concerns about leading? Please check all that apply, and feel free to state your concerns below. Note that (m) refers to members only, while (o) indicates open to the public. *
Please feel free to state any concerns you have about leading particular hikes.
When are you available to lead hikes? If your schedule varies, please check "other" and explain. *
How long have you been an HTMC member? *
How often have you hiked or trail-cleared advanced hikes, such as those listed above, in the past 2 years? *
Are you currently certified in first aid or CPR? (not required) Check all that apply.
Why would you like to be an HTMC hike coordinator? *
Please describe any skills, qualities, training and/or experience that you have that you feel are relevant to being an HTMC hike coordinator. *
List the names and contact information of 2 HTMC hike coordinators who have agreed to serve as references *
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