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Veterinarian* name and phone number ___________________________________________________*SCRF will need you to call your vet for permission to release your records.  Not doing so may delay the adoption process.Please list your maiden name and/or any other names your pets may be listed under at your vet: ___________________________________________________ *
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Are you planning on declawing this cat? *
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If so, from what organization or individual? *
If you own dogs, are they current on vaccines, Parvo and heartworm preventatives?  If No, please explain *
Do you live in: ______ House ______ Apartment ______ Condo ______ Duplex ______ Mobile Home *
Do you: ______ Own ______ Rent            Any pet restrictions? _______________________________NOTE: Adoption will not be completed until proof of pet deposit or contact with landlord. *
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Whom are you adopting this cat/kitten for? ______ Self ______ Children _______ Gift _______ Other.
Who will be the primary caregiver/supervisor of this cat? *
Are there children not listed above that visit frequently?
Do any members of your household have known allergies to cats?  
What behaviors do you consider a problem and how would you handle them?
What will happen to this cat/kitten when you go on vacation or if you have an emergency? *
How many hours a day (average) will your cat/kitten be alone?
Will this cat be kept: _____ Indoor ______ Outdoor ______ Both indoor and outdoor? *
Have you thought about the initial and future costs for your new cat/kitten? *
Do you have the space to isolate the cat for 7 to 10 days while s/he becomes familiar with you and your home? _______ Yes ________ No   Please describe area:____________________________________ *
Would you object to follow up calls and/or home visits? *
Should your new cat have any behavior problems, are you willing to work them out and call SCRF for help? *
Do you agree that your new cat will see a licensed veterinarian for a complete veterinary exam annually and follow-up with all inoculations as recommended by a licensed veterinarian? *
Please list two personal references?  Include Name, home phone,  cell phone, and full Address, *
I hereby authorize SCRF and its representatives to obtain any and all veterinary information regarding pets I currently own, or have previously owned, as may be required for approval of this Application for Cat Adoption.                              *****************************************************Signature and Date Below:                                                   *
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Please note we reserve the right to decline any application for any reason without notification. Potential adopters will be contacted within 2 to 10 days of submission. Adoption fees are cash only and you will need a carrier to bring your new pet home! Please return your adoption application one of the following ways: Scan and email to:, or contact SCRF at (267) 507-5297 or email us at  The mailing address is PO Box 54845, Philadelphia, PA 19148 *
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