Living Games 2018 Feedback Survey
Thank you for attending Living Games Boston in May 2018. Your feedback and input will help organizers assess how this event served the community. Our goal is to provide specific feedback for future organizers to help them improve the event. The questions refer to the events of Week in Boston, Role Play and Simulation in Education mini-conference, Thursday Night Game Showcase and the Living Games Conference in Peabody, MA.

All responses will be held confidential. An anonymized summary report will be created based on this survey to steer future organizers and provide information for the community on the experiences of attendees this year.

Survey responses will be seen by Kat Jones and Diana Leonard. Kat Jones will accept alternate format submissions and respond to follow-up requests. Assistance for submitting responses will be provided by Emily Boss. The safety heads are Dave Kapell and Kim Sward, who along with Maury Brown and Nathan Black are the core safety team. Safety report emails only go to the heads.

Please submit your responses by midnight October 23, 2018, your time.

Alternate submission formats will be accepted for accessibility purposes. Please feel free to send your responses by audio or video to Kat at this email: Please see this link for downloadable PDFs for submission by postal mail.

Mail to:

Living Games Feedback c/o Kat Jones
Department of Sociology
University of Cincinnati
1018 Crosley
Cincinnati, OH 45221-0378

Including your name is optional in the survey. If you would like follow-up to your survey responses please feel free to indicate this at the end of the survey form, or send an email to Kat Jones at:

To make a report to the Safety team, email Dave Kapell and Kim Sward, safety team joint heads at:

For questions about submitting a response to the survey, email Emily Boss at:
Registration and Pre-Conference
Leave question blank if does not apply or choose Not Applicable (N/A).
How to register for the conference was clear.
When I signed up, I would have been willing to pay more for my ticket.
Financial aid I received was important in making it possible for me to attend.
I understood what kind of a conference this was when I signed up.
The content of events was clearly communicated to me.
How to register for events prior to and during the conference was clear.
I was able to submit proposals for events I was interested in offering.
Internet communication between attendees before the conference worked well for me.
I was provided with the needed information early enough to fully participate in this conference.
The information I received about the conference did NOT match my experience.
It was difficult to find the information I needed to participate before the conference.
Other Comments
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