QPSA Blood Drive Pledge
As you may be aware, blood is the most precious gift that someone may give another. It is a versatile gift, that can be made into 22 different medical treatments for people of all walks of life. Every blood donation can help save 3 people’s lives.

More donors are always needed because while 1 in 3 Australians will need blood in their lifetime, only 1 in 30 donates. To meet the needs of patients, 27,000 donations are needed every single week. Because of this, the Red Cross is in need of donations and you, as pharmacy students, the staff at UQ and TRI are able to help.

This year the Queensland Pharmacy Students' Association is partnering with UQ staff to bring you another blood drive to remember. PACE is turning red during September, with food and a little fun, in support of our blood drive. This year the Red Cross is providing a 1.5-hour door-to-door service with group donations at the Springwood Donor Centre. Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned donor QPSA has your back. If you are interested in saving lives grab your friends, fill in the form below and select your donation time.

Don't miss out on the fun and help make a difference.

If you have any questions you can head to the QPSA facebook page or email us directly at pharmacyawareness@qpsa.com.au.

Please note: we have a maximum of four-five people per time slot. Donors will need to complete a Red Cross donor form which will be sent out once your pledge is received.
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