Tatami Timeshare
Welcome to Tatami Timeshare!! This is a couchsurfing-esque program built by JETs for JETs! Get to know more JETs both in your area and all across Japan, all while saving money on accommodation.
To get started, first we need your information. Once you have submitted this form, we will place your pin on the map and send you the link to access! The map will only be shared with Tatami Timeshare members. From that point on, everything is managed by Tatami Timeshare members themselves - email someone you want to stay with, and check your email for potential guests. Everyone has the right to refuse. Be safe, have fun, and happy traveling!!

Please note, this community is only open to current as well as past JET program participants who are currently living in Japan.

If you have any questions, please email us at tatami.timeshare@ajet.net.

Full Name
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JET Number
(Your JET Number will be kept private and will only be used to verify that you are or were a participant in the JET program.)
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Contracting Organization
eg. Mie Prefectural Board of Education (Romanization only.) (Your Contracting Organization will be kept private and will only be used to verify that you are or were a participant in the JET program.)
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Gender Identity
eg. Female
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Living Situation
eg. Hokkaido
Town or City Name
eg. Chuo-ku, Sapporo-shi OR Chippubetsu-cho (Romanization only.)
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Postal Code
eg. 123-4567 (Used for pin-placement)
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What is the maximum number of people you can host? (Numerals only please)
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Sleeping Situation
eg. Only one futon, otherwise sleeping on hardwood floor. Pillows and blankets available, no need for sleeping bags.
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You can elaborate later in the notes section.
Public Transportation
eg. Accessible by both bus and train, both 10 minutes by foot. Accessible by subway, a 5 minute walk away. Only accessible by car. (Providing the names of the train stations is also helpful)
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Contact Email
This is the email that other Tatami Timeshare members will use to contact you. Make sure it is one you check frequently.
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Gmail Account
This is the email you will use to view the google map. IMPORTANT: Make sure you are logged into this account when trying to access the map, otherwise you won't be able to see it!
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Anything else you want to tell potential guests? Eg. My building is owned by my BOE, so please no rowdy guests. OR My town is famous for it's beaches, let's go swimming!
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Release of Liability
By clicking submit you agree to release Hokkaido AJET and the AJET National Council from all claims against any damages, thefts, disputes, or personal harm that may occur while participating in travel and homestay facilitated by the Tatami Timeshares Program. In return, you will receive access to the Tatami Timeshares travel database and map.

You acknowledge that Tatami Timeshares is simply a platform to connect members; therefore, you have sole responsibility when interacting with other members. You agree to conduct yourself in a safe and respectful manner. We reserve the right to revoke viewing privileges at any time if we find your conduct to be unsafe or disrespectful.

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