Yearbook for GRAD 2019

Please follow the instructions below to assist us in completing your grad write ups.

Keep it classy and know that:
• They are public, not private
• They are to celebrate, commemorate and congratulate
• Everything is read by yearbook staff
• You may be edited for content deemed questionable
• Please do not use initials, slang or abbreviations

• Max. 70 words
• No references to sex, drugs or alcohol
• No put downs
• No links to any social media

If you choose not to do a write up you will be given a default "Congratulations Grads of 2019!" in the space provided for your write up. The yearbook class may choose to place something alternative instead. Be forewarned - if you write nothing - you leave the choice to us.

Deadline Nov. 15th, 2018


We are going to create a baby photo section for grads and we need your baby photos. Please upload a HIGH RESOLUTION photo file size should average about 3-6mb otherwise your photo will be unusable. If you are scanning photos please be sure to scan at high resolution (300-600dpi) on your scanner. Taking a picture of a picture can work but sometimes results in poor coloration or blurriness. Please have a look at your photo before attaching it here (.jpg format only)

Deadline Nov. 15th, 2018

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