Big Citizen HUB: 2019 Application
Welcome to the Big Citizen HUB Application! We are so thrilled that you are applying to join us for a year of service and adventure with our community!

This application is for FIRST-YEAR APPLICANTS.
- If you are RETURNING FOR ANOTHER YEAR, go here:

Applicant checklist:
1. Complete this application, including the short answer questions below, some information about you, and contact information for your parent or guardian.
2. Have your parent/guardian give you permission to apply.

4. If you would like to share creative materials (poetry, photos, drawings, etc.) to supplement your application, please email your materials to with "BCH Application Materials - [Your First Name] [Your Last Name]" in the subject line.

Since it's not possible to save your responses on this form, we recommend that you write out your responses to the questions below, then paste them in here.

You need to provide an email address below -- if you don't have one, you can submit with your parent or guardian's.

Email address *
Short answer essay questions:
1. Why are you applying to join Big Citizen HUB?
2. How do you think young people can and do make a difference in the community?
3. Is there a leader or community member that you look up to? Tell us about that person and why you look up to them.
4. Tell us something interesting about yourself. What are your hobbies or interests? Do you participate in any activities or have any volunteer experience?
5. What issues are you interested in addressing this year? (Answering in a list is fine.)
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