KABA-GA EXPENSES: Reimbursement Request, Debit Card Usage, and Check Requests
Please use this form for reimbursements, debit card usage or direct check requests. After submitting the form with documentation if necessary, reimbursements and check requests should be mailed by the KABA-GA Treasurer within 6-10 days.

For reimbursements: you may aggregate a set of receipts relating to one expense category, but do NOT aggregate expenses across different categories (i.e. mixing KABA Birthday Celebration expenses with Happy Hour expenses). After you submit the form, scan or take a picture of receipts and send them to treasurer@kabaga.org. Without receipts, the reimbursement process will not be completed.

For debit card usage/check requests: please submit this form once for each use or request. Receipts are not necessary.
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