Parent Remote Learning Survey
Please help us better support you and other families by answering these questions. As you consider your answers, please think about your family’s experience right now with remote learning.

If you have more than one child enrolled in this school, please answer these questions for each child (use the “Additional comments” section under each question to describe differences and/or further explain each child’s experience).
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Remote Learning Satisfaction Assessment
1. Overall, what is your level of satisfaction with Northwood’s remote learning program? *
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2. What is your level of satisfaction with the efforts of your child's teacher(s)? *
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Student Remote Learning Considerations
3. Is your child able to follow directions from their teacher? *
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4. Is your child able to independently use their computer/electronic device? *
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5. Is your child able to independently access and use Zoom? *
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6. Is your child able to independently access and use Google Classroom? *
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7. Does your child understand how to independently access and follow the schedule for the day? *
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Remote Learning Time Considerations
8. What is your opinion of the length of time in which your child is engaged in synchronous instruction? (Synchronous instruction refers to all types of learning in which learner(s) and instructor(s) are in the same place, at the same time, in order for learning to take place.) *
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9. What is your opinion of the length of time in which your child is engaged in asynchronous instruction? (In asynchronous learning, children engage in lessons at their own pace and on their own schedule). *
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10. If your child needs assistance to access the learning program, how much time on a daily basis are you spending supporting your child? *
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Remote Learning Internet and Technology Assessment
11. Does your child have reliable, high-speed internet access via Verizon, Comcast, T-Mobile, or another service provider? *
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12. Are you/is your child able to get technology assistance when needed from administrators, teachers, or the school? *
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13. Overall, how satisfied are you with The Parent Resource Center and the instructions provided on how to access your child's learning program on the school website? *
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14. Is your child able to ask the teacher or another staff member for help during the school day?
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15. In the past week, when you have needed to talk to someone at the school, how often were you able to get in touch with staff? *
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Remote Learning Staff/Teacher Communication
16. What is your level of satisfaction regarding the level of communication from your child’s teacher(s)? *
16. Additional comments (optional)
17. What is your level of satisfaction regarding the level of communication from the administration around schoolwide information? *
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18. Are you satisfied with how often the school provides updates and communications on your child's learning in a language that you understand? *
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Additional Remote Learning Considerations
19. Will you be utilizing our free breakfast/lunch pick up on Mondays and Thursdays?
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19. Additional comments (optional)
20. If you answered “No” to question 19, please let us know why.
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21. How concerned are you about your child’s social or emotional well-being during remote learning? *
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22. How would you describe the amount of schoolwork assigned by your child’s school during remote learning? *
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23. For families of children with IEPs, are the lessons and activities that your child is receiving appropriate and helping them to reach their IEP goals? *
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24. Which of the following improvements would you most like to see the school make during remote learning? *
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25. Recognizing that it is still early in the school year and circumstances may change that would impact your answer, we are still seeking this information now. Which model would you likely choose for the second trimester or in January? *
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26. Please feel free to provide any additional comments.
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