CPD Raja Yoga and Meditation - 繼續教育勝王瑜珈與冥想 Sonia Sumar - English/Chinese Dec. 10-12 , 2021- Online
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CPD Raja Yoga and Meditation (18H)- English/Chinese 繼續教育 勝王瑜珈與冥想 (18H) 中英同步翻譯 (老師: - Sonia Sumar)
Where did the year go?
Our final Yoga for the Special Child course of the 2021 calendar is almost here. We hope you will join us December 10-12 for our CPD on Raja Yoga and Meditation.
2021最後一個特殊兒童瑜伽方式的課程的『勝王瑜珈與冥想』即將在12月10-12日 亞洲區作爲2021圓滿的結尾。

The training includes daily Hatha Yoga practice with mantra, pranayama, meditation and (everyone’s favorite) yoganidra. Extra sessions of pranayama and meditation each day will explore different positions and techniques to establish your best practice. Participants will study the 8 limbs of Yoga and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and how to apply their teachings to your own practice. This course is accredited by Yoga Alliance and approved for credits toward your 300H RYT.
這個課程包含了每天的哈達瑜伽練習 - 梵唱,呼吸練習,冥想及大家都很喜愛的深層放鬆。 特殊的呼吸練習與冥想技巧,探索不同體位與方式來達到最適當的練習。學員將學習八支瑜珈,瑜伽荊棘如何運用這些方式融入我們每一天的生活裡。 這個課程時數是瑜伽聯盟認可300小時 RYT的學分
We all need a little practice being still, present, grateful and mindful before the stress of the winter holidays. Registration is now open!

Taiwan Standard time: Friday Friday 19-22/
Saturday and Sunday 07am-11am + 19p-22:30p

台灣時間:星期五 19:00-22:00pm
星期六 &星期日 07am-11am + 19p-22:30p
EDT: Friday 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Saturday 6:00 AM- 09:30 AM and 6:00 PM -10:00 PM and Sunday 6:00 AM -9:30 AM.
美東時間:星期五 6:00 AM – 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM – 10:00 PM
星期六 6:00 AM- 9:30 AM and 6:00 PM -10:00 PM and 星期日 6:00 AM -9:30 AM.
Please check www.worldtimebuddy.com for exact times in your local time zone!
有關不同的時區,可以上 www.worldtimebuddy.com查詢!
Registration link 👉 https://forms.gle/LpAySn11MJXJDaop8
報名連結 👉 https://forms.gle/LpAySn11MJXJDaop8
Where did you hear about our program? 從哪裡得知這個課程的訊息? *
If "other" please let us know where have you hear about our program. 假如您填寫其他,麻煩幫我們填寫從哪裡得知的。
If you heard from a program coordinator or other, please tell us the name of coordinator or where you learned about the training. 假如您是從我們的培訓主辦單位得知這次的培訓,麻煩給我們主辦人的姓名。
First Name 名 *
Last Name 姓 *
Type your full name EXACTLY how you want it to appear on the Certificate/Credit Hours (whichever applies)請填寫您證照上的中英文名字拼音 - 請註明您想要請註明您想要證照名字欄位的呈現方式。 *
We will copy and paste from here, so please write capitals and lower case letters the way you want it to be printed on credit hours. Please be diligent here! Thanks! 我們會直接從這裡複製貼上證照,所以請把大小寫寫清楚在您要印在時數證明的。 所以請仔細填寫。
I am aware this is a live streaming program and I will organize my schedule to be available at dates and times of training from 07:00-10:00am and 19:00-22:00 (Taiwan Standard Time)我清楚知道這是一堂線上直播課程,我會調整我的時間在課程安排的時間準時上線上課。 課程時間: ~ 台灣區時間 TST (GMT+8) - 星期五: 7am-10am and 7pm-10pm| 星期六 and 星期日: 7am- 10am and 7:00pm-10pm。 *
I am aware of the dates for the program from Decemeber 10-12, 2021 我確認本次的課程日期是 12月10-12, 2021 *
By registering for this program I agree not to copy materials, record or share videos, photos or any links that are shared with me by Yoga For The Special Child®, LLC. I understand that these are copyrighted materials and are shared with me as a registered program participant at the sole discretion of Yoga For The Special Child. Please sign your name below to acknowledge that you will NOT share the materials. 本人承諾報名此課程後,不會複製任何由「特殊兒童瑜伽」(Yoga For The Special Child®, LLC.)所提供之教材,或未經許可分享影音檔案、連結予他人。我理解「特殊兒童瑜伽」(Yoga For The Special Child®, LLC.)所提供之教材皆受著作權法保障,僅限報名課程者上課使用。敬請於以下簽名,確認您已知悉不得分享任何上課教材、影音,或課程連結予他人。 *
Birth Date 出生日期 *
Occupation 職業 *
Gender 性別 *
Hatha Yoga Level 瑜珈基礎 *
Do you have a child that is physically challenged? 請問您的孩子是帶著身心障慢飛天使的孩子嗎? *
Yes/No (if yes, please explain below) 是/否 (若"是請提供孩子的狀況)
Mailing Address 郵寄地址 *
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Country 國家 *
Phone 電話 *
Emergency contact 緊急聯絡人 *
Please fill in name & number of contact 請留下全名/電話
Have you ever attended our Yoga for the Special Child Part 1 Program before? (if so, please write city, state, date and name of teacher you took the training from)請問您之前是否有上過特殊兒童瑜珈的課程? 若是有,請提供地點與上課時間 *
Payment *
匯款方式: Payment method
國泰世華銀行 銀行代碼013
帳號 265-50-604217-1
姓名/電話/EMAIL/及匯款帳號後五碼+金額 至 aditiyoga711@gmail.com


蕭安淇 (Irene)
The teacher training experience can be a time of deep emotional connection for some people. Though this process is healing, it can also be stressful. If you have any history of mental illness i.e. depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, posttraumatic stress disorder or any form of psychosis, it would be very helpful for your teacher to know in order to be sensitive to your needs. If you are taking medications or have been hospitalized for any of these conditions please describe below. 本師資學習過程可能會讓某些學員喚起內心最深層的自己,引發一些情緒上的起伏。 這過程可能會造成學員短暫情緒上的衝擊與負擔,但是這感受是療癒自我的過程。 假如您過去有過精神上疾病的,如抑鬱症,焦慮症,精神分裂症,躁鬱症,創傷後心理壓力緊張症候群,或任何精神上的症狀,請事前告知老師及主辦單位以便老師及主辦單位能夠避免一些不必要的刺激與傷害。 倘若您有在服用任何藥物或曾經因精神疾病入院觀察,請麻煩在下方提供我們相關資訊。
Please list any prescription medications 是否有服用任何藥物?請提供藥物名稱。
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