Crime Bake 2021 Master Class Proposal (Deadline March 19)
Please use this form to propose a Master Class for Crime Bake you would like to teach at The New England Crime Bake.

As we begin our planning for Crime Bake 2021, we believe it is too early to decide whether the CB conference will be in person or on line. Please take this uncertainty into consideration as you develop your proposals for Master Classes.

Classes are 75 minutes long.

We have found classes fill up and get the best evaluations if--

* The classes speak to broad topics of the writing process and the selling of crime fiction. Because we are a small conference, we have found that classes aimed at niche sub-genres do not fill.

* The presenter has a knowledge of crime fiction and incorporates examples from crime fiction in the course, especially if it was originally designed as a more generic fiction offering.

* The presenter is an experienced instructor with stand-up skills and is well-published or has another platform within the mystery community

* The instructor offers handouts that have lasting, after-class value.
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