Raidboss Member Application
Admin application for Raidboss game servers. All areas are required.


- There is NO GUARANTEED time frame in which you will receive a response.
- If you DO NOT receive a response within 30 days, apply again.
- We DO NOT contact people who are denied, apply again after 30 days if you do not receive a response.

We accept applications from anyone who wishes to apply but due to very limited available admin spots and the number of admin applications we receive regularly, it's impossible to accept everybody and applicants are only given consideration when an admin spot becomes available.

If you wish to increase your chances of becoming an admin, you should display the utmost voice, chat, and in-game integrity while playing on our servers, as we reference all of that criteria when determining if you should become an admin or not.
First Name & In-game name (e.g - bob, xxMLG$WAGPROxx) *
Link to Steam Profile *
Steam ID (e.g - STEAM_1:0:8792744 ; get from *
Discord Username (e.g - @Kotton#6969) *
Age/Sex/Location? (e.g - 18/M/New York) *
Which server types of ours do you play the most (5v5, surf, bhop, etc..)? *
In general, between what times do you TYPICALLY play the most (example: 5pm-10pm eastern) *
Are you currently an active member/admin of another community? (If yes, what community) *
Reason(s) for wanting to join our community? *
Have you read and understood the rules admins must follow ?( *
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