Library Media Specialist STUDENT Survey.
Mrs. Rucker
Read each question and mark the word/phrase that best answers the question for you as a student. You must answer all questions before hitting SUBMIT. Thank you
1. The librarian teaches me how to find useful information. *
2. The librarian gives me helpful comments on my work. *
3. The librarian knows when I understand library skills and when I do not. *
4. The librarian checks to make sure I understand what I am working on. *
5. When I am with the librarian, I know what I should be doing. *
6. I am treated with respect by the librarian. *
7. The librarian asks me questions to help me discover books and resources that interest me. *
8. The librarian encourages me to do my best work. *
9. The librarian cares about me. *
10. The librarian believes I can succeed at what I try.
11. The librarian encourages me to think on my own. *
12. The librarian respects my ideas and suggestions. *
13. The librarian encourages me to share my thoughts at appropriate times. *
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