Tattoo Booking with Ash Beyer (@toothyinhale)
Step 1: Read the policies + Fill out this form.
Step 2: Send deposit.
Step 3: Wait to hear from me.
Step 4: Get tattooed.
Step 5. Pay your artist and save up for next time.

Step 6. Send me a healed photo in like a month (ノ ˘_˘)ノ
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These policies exist to protect myself as an independent and self-employed artist in the modern world and to honor both my own time, and yours. If there are any questions left unanswered by the text below, please email me (Ash) at before submitting the form.

Flash: Check my website ( and instagram (@toothyinhale) for available flash designs. I try not to repeat flash, but if you request a variation, I may design something for you if i feel like it’s a worthwhile project.

Custom: I will likely decline most custom requests, but send it anyway if you think I may not. Keep your requests simple (ex. “Smol chicago dog on bicep"). Please do NOT send me other tattoos as a reference because it’s basically asking me to copy another artist's work. Don’t do it! If your request requires the creation of a new design, I will show you the final sketch before your appointment, after your deposit is submitted. I will do 2 rounds of edits before requiring an additional fee that does not go into the total cost of the tattoo.

IN 2022: For my own safety and the safety of my clients, I will not accept anti-vaxxers or denialists as clients.

My appointment minimum is €100. My quotes are based on the time it takes to create designs, set up the workspace, buy materials, pay studio rent, and the essential value of my work. If I say a drawing is worth some amount, it is worth some amount.

Unless we discuss otherwise, our appointment is for one tattoo.

There is a non-refundable €50 deposit to book your appointment that goes toward the total cost of the tattoo. This can be sent by bank transfer, MoneyBeam or Wise ( On the day of the appointment, I prefer cash, but will accept electronic payments.

If you need to reschedule or cancel, let me know as soon as possible. My income streams are delicately intertwined and always changing, and your contribution to my self sufficiency is cool and important! If you request to reschedule within 1 week of your appointment, I will require a new deposit. The new deposit does not go toward the total cost of the tattoo. No-shows will be blacklisted.

If I have already begun to design your custom tattoo, the deposit is non-refundable regardless of circumstance. If you change your mind mid-through, switching to a new custom idea or to a standard flash piece, I will require an additional fee to compensate for the time I put into the first design.

Every design comes with a free touchup within the first year.

On the day of your appointment!

About a week before your scheduled tattoo, start moisturizing the area regularly, use sunscreen and stay hydrated. Bender skin is way gnarlier and tired than vacation skin.

Make sure to eat a proper meal before your appointment.

Try to arrive freshly bathed with the area shaved.

Please follow all Covid-related safety precautions and preventative measures, stay aware of how you're feeling and do not come in if feeling ill.

Please be on time. Your appointment will be cancelled after not arriving within 30 minutes of your appointment. I’m punctual, and I like punctual people.

Please bring a photo ID and wear loose-fitting clothing that allows for the body part to be exposed and tattooed comfortably. Smart layers.

Normally, yes to friends coming along. Right now in this apocalypse hell we live in, probably not. Let’s say case-by-case. Let me know ahead of time, be flexible and we’ll deal with stuff. 

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