Celebrating and Connecting Families to Mecosta|Osceola County Opportunites
Please take the next few minutes to share information so we can ensure local resources and opportunities are provided during the Community Baby Shower.

Date & Time: Month of November
For: Parents currently pregnant or with a baby 0-12 months old living in Mecosta|Osceola County
Location: Virtual - visit www.mogreatstart.org [an email will be sent with links]
Purpose: ~to celebrate and connect families ~Improve the health and well-being of parents ~Address medical, behavioral, and cultural and services needed.
Shower Gifts: We will contact you to set-up a pick-up|deliver time. Deliveries will occur after Nov. 1st.

Information provided will be shared with Mecosta|Osceola Breastfeeding Coalition members [Spectrum Health, DHD#10, Mid-Michigan Community Action Agency, Great Start Collaborative, Life Resources, Community Mental Health, and local libraries]
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Are you interested in hearing more about an awesome home visiting (virtual right now) opportunity through Early Head Start? The supports and resources through Early Head Start have been created for mom's just like you. *
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You are now registered. Watch for a confirmation email to arrive in your inbox in the next week, which will share pick-up|drop-off info, parenting tip links, and online baby shower virtual event info.

In the meantime, please be sure to click on 'Going' on the Facebook event page so you can get updates, connect to local resources and supports, and be entered into drawings that will take place.


In the meantime, if you have questions, feel free to email Shawna @ sroskoski@mmcaa.org.
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