Sneinton Marketplace Trader Booking Form
Sneinton Marketplace Market Stall Booking Form
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Sneinton Marketplace is managed by Sneinton Community Traders, working with local partners and traders to make sure the market continues to be the community place in Nottingham.
We aim to enhance the Conservation area, support local trade and preserve the sense of community in our locality.
Markets are on Sneinton Marketplace, Gedling Street, Nottingham NG1 1DS.
Saturday Traditional Market takes place each week 10am – 2pm
In addition, our Event Markets take place at various times, often with live performances.
The Markets simultaneously run together and vehicle access is carefully managed for safety & to avoid disruption.

NB. Saturday Event Markets - arrive latest 1 hour before the event- trading times as per event- take down no later than 1 hour after end of event-traders vehicles must be carefully driven on and off as directed.
Unless otherwise requested stalls are provided fully erected and covered.
Sneinton Market Community Traders will review all applications before agreement to trade.
Please include as much information as possible with your application to assist our decision -include pictures of your products and stall.  
Acceptance to trade at Sneinton Market is at the discretion of Sneinton Market Community Traders.
Please complete this application form, once accepted, payment is required before you trade.

Unless otherwise requested stalls are provided fully erected and covered.
Sneinton Market Community Traders will review applications before making a decision on suitability to trade.  Please include as much information as possible with your application to assist us with this decision. Please include pictures of your products and stall.  Acceptance as a Trader at Sneinton Market will be at the sole discretion of Sneinton Market Community Traders.

Please fill in this application form stating which market you are interested in. Once accepted you will be able to apply for other markets and events, but we cannot guarantee you will get a place as the markets have different profiles.

We avoid duplication of products to allow traders the best opportunity to sell their products. If you are not allocated a pitch you will be added to a waiting list NB in case of our cancellation, you will be given an opportunity on future events.
We are always up to discuss options!

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Terms & Conditions. Please read and confirm.
1. Definitions:  For the purpose of these Terms and Conditions the term:
Organiser: Sneinton Community Trader Market: Sneinton Market
Event: The event applied for  
Stall Holder/Trader:  any person or trader who applies for and is granted space on Sneinton Market Space: the pitch allocated to the Trader for the period of the Market booking
Premises:  Sneinton Marketplace
2. In consideration of the Stall Holder paying the Licence Fee Sneinton  Community Traders grants to the Stall Holder the right to use the Allocated Stall to sell goods and services as described in this Application Form during the hours of trading (notified separately in writing) subject to the following conditions: 3. Attendance by the trader at any event or market implies that the trader has read and accepted the terms and conditions as set out below.
4. The Stall Holder must comply with all health and safety and fire legislation in force at the time of the market and relating to the activity of the Stall Holder along with any regulations made and guidelines notified in writing by Sneinton Community Traders.
5. The Stall Holder must take every possible step to secure public safety and report full details of any accidents involving personal injury or damage to property in writing to Sneinton Community Traders soon as practicable.
6. The Stall Holder shall have in place insurance against third party and public liability risks in the sum of not less than £2 million unlimited in number in a reputable insurance office and such insurance shall include an indemnity to principle clause.  The Stall Holder must produce a copy of a current certificate of such insurance for inspection as an attachment to this Application Form.  Please note: in certain circumstances, product liability cover shall be required and will be advised at times of booking.
7. The Stall Holder must obtain all licences, permissions, etc. required relevant to the Stall Holder’s activity.  In respect of Stall Holders offering food or drink to the public, to comply with the relevant sections of all statutory requirements including without limitation the Food Safety Act 1990 (amended), General Food Safety Regulations 2004, the Food Hygiene Regulations 2006, the Food Information Regulations 2014 and to be registered as a food business with the relevant local authority.
8. The Stall Holder shall ensure that the Stall is opened to the public and staffed during the hours of trading notified separately in writing.
9. The Stall Holder must observe all Acts of Parliament and all regulations and bye laws of the local authority and other official bodies relating to the sale of goods and trading.
10. The Stall Holder shall be solely responsible for the safety and security of all property of its visitors, agents or servants, on and about the market.
11. The Stall Holder shall keep the Allocated Stall in a clean and tidy condition and remove all rubbish debris /waste and equipment from the market upon expiry of the hours of trading.
12. The Stall Holder shall be responsible at all times for the safety and security of any items belonging to the Stall Holder  and brought into the market and Sneinton Community Traders will not in any circumstances be liable  for any loss or damage to any such items howsoever arising.
13. The Stall Holder grants Sneinton Community Traders the right to remove and dispose of any goods or articles remaining in the market area after expiry of the hours of trading and to deduct from any proceeds of sale the costs of removal and disposal.
14. The Stall Holder shall remain responsible throughout the period of their use for any furniture or equipment provided by Sneinton Community Traders.   Furniture or equipment must not be removed from the market.
15. The Stall Holder must not do or permit to be done anything which may be an annoyance or nuisance to the public, other Stall Holders or occupiers of neighbouring properties, or which may be detrimental to the efficient operation of the market.
16. The Stall Holder shall not store or bring into the market square any flammable combustible or objectionable substance or liquid. The stall holder shall provide appropriate fire extinguishers for any cooking fuel or method employed
17. The Stall Holder shall be fully responsible for all damage done to the market stall or other property of Sneinton Community Traders which may occur or arise during the Stall holder’s occupation and use of the Allocated Stall by whoever caused.
18. The Stall Holder shall indemnify Sneinton  Community Traders against all claims and demands for injury loss or damage to persons or property howsoever arising out of or in connection with the Stall Holder’s occupation and use of the allocated Stall.
19. Access to the market square will be as agreed between Sneinton Community Traders and the Stall Holder
20. The Stall Holder shall pay to Sneinton Community Traders the Stall Fee agreed in cleared funds by not later than 48 hours prior to the event.
21. Sneinton Market Community Traders shall allow the Stall Holder to have a right of access by vehicle to the market to load and unload at specified times
22. The Stall Fee will not be refunded should the Stall Holder fail to attend the market or wish to cancel attendance, for whatever reason, prior to the market.
23. The Stall Holder must set up any equipment strictly in accordance with an agreed position designated by the market manager.
24. Sneinton Community Traders may cancel an event due to any concerns of health and safety or other unforeseen circumstances up to the start time of the event. In this instance Sneinton Community Traders will refund the cost of the stall.

I have read the terms and conditions of trading *
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