KING TeC Member Application for Fall 2020
Welcome to the Prior Lake High School robotics team KING TeC. KING TeC offers STEM and Business related opportunities for all PLHS students. Freshmen interested in designing, building, and competing with their robot will be participating in First Tec Challenge (FTC). FTC meets Tuesday evenings (Group B Students) and Thursday (Group A students) 5-7:30pm during fall quarter. Due to COVID-19 social distancing requirements, students will only meet on their in-person learning days. Distance learning students are welcome to participate and will be assigned to an FTC team on an individual basis. Non-freshmen and those interested in non-STEM areas of the team will be interviewed for team placement. Robotics is a PLHS extra curricular activity. The participation fee for robotics is $250, more info regarding payment and scholarship opportunities will be sent out at a later date. Additional travel fees may apply if the FTC team advances requiring out of state travel. Please indicate if you have prior FTC experience and wish to keep your prior year team together. Freshmen FTC teams will compete at an in-house tournament at the end of the season. Returning FTC teams will have the option of participating in FIRST virtual tournaments or in-house tournament. The FRC season is evolving and we will put out further information as FIRST finalizes season pans.
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