You're a young European, and want to be a part of the FEMYSO EMF delegation at the European Youth Event (EYE) this spring?

- Event timing: June 1st & 2nd 2018
- Event address: European Parliament in Strasbourg, France

ā†’ Fill up this application form in english, BEFORE DECEMBER 31th ! :)

If you have any question, just ask away : eye@emf-asso.com

For the long answers, please make sure your answer is around at least 100 words.

To apply you must be:
- Willing to be a positive contribution to Europe
- Currently or formerly involved in a youth organisation
- Between 16 and 30 years old
- From any European country
- Interested by European issues
- Able to speak English

For more information about the EYE : http://www.europarl.europa.eu/european-youth-event/en/home/home.html

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Your experience on national or European politics.
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Shaking and sweating, where's my invisibility cape when I need it??
I'm like the reborn Dumbledore
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