Gender Infinity 2019 Conference Volunteer Application
Friday, October 25th - Saturday, October 26th
University of Houston Clear Lake

Thank you for your interest in being a conference volunteer with Gender Infinity. Each year families, learners, advocates and providers come together to advance relationships, knowledge, and resources to empower gender diverse individuals. Volunteering during the Gender Infinity Conference is a great way to support justice, equity, and hope for infinite gender possibilities.

Please review the below volunteer expectations and benefits, and provide the requested information. Completion of the volunteer application does not guarantee a volunteer spot. We will confirm volunteer availability at least 3 weeks prior to the conference date.

We all participate in different ways. If you want to volunteer but are not sure if volunteering will work for you based on what you read below, feel free to contact us at We can help figure our how you might be able to volunteer and participate in a way that works for you and us!
We hope volunteering for Gender Infinity is a mutually beneficial experience for everyone involved. Here are a few examples of the benefits based on past participants testimony.

DISCOUNT -- Volunteers enjoy a discounted registration fee from $10 to $20 depending on hours worked, more details to come!

VOLUNTEER MIXER– Volunteers are encouraged to attend the Volunteer Mixer prior to the event. Mixer includes Meet & Greet with staff, review of positions, education on pronouns, and more. Exact time and location will be emailed to confirmed volunteers.

GENDER DIVERSITY COMPETENCY TRAINING - Volunteers receive training that supports basic competency for interacting in an environment that serves to support and empower a diverse transgender and gender-nonconforming community.

T-SHIRT – A GI volunteer shirt will be provided at the mixer and should be worn during your volunteer shift/s.

MEAL – Volunteers serving one shift per day are invited to eat with the Conference attendees. There are also several on-campus eating options available.

SESSIONS & KEYNOTES – Workshop monitors volunteering will be exposed to education and knowledge; however, keynote speaker sessions are available to everyone.

MULTI-CULTURAL EXPERIENCE -- Experience a multi-cultural, multi-lingual learning space designed to further awareness, education, and acceptance of the gender diverse community.

NETWORKING & COMMUNITY -- Network with community leaders and health care providers around the state and region.

PARKING -- On location parking is free for both Friday and Saturday.
Volunteers are considered representatives of Gender Infinity (GI) for the entirety of the Conference. As such, we are seeking volunteers who are:

• Welcoming
• Friendly
• Punctual
• Respectful
• Helpful during the conference
• Affirming of all gender identities and expressions
• Willing to learn and use gender neutral pronouns (ex. they/them/theirs)
• Willing to identify harmful behavior and consult with planning committee as needed
• Accepting and supportive of diverse populations including race, ethnicity, disability, religion, class, etc.

SESSIONS – While you are on shift, you may not attend sessions unless it is to fulfill a volunteer responsibility as a workshop monitor.

TRAINING - Volunteers are expected to utilize our mandatory training to build the skills needed to support a gender diverse environment. Experienced volunteers have the option of reviewing the training and providing feedback.
Pre-Conference/Week-Of Conference Tasks:
• Picking up and delivering materials or supplies
• Organizing and creating participant packets
• Assembling name badges
• Other tasks as identified

Friday & Saturday Conference Volunteer Roles:
• Setup & cleanup
• Registration Table Assistant
• Greeters/Directional Assistants
• Food/Beverage Organizers
• Conference Runners/Floaters
• Session/Workshop Monitors/Continuing Ed Organization
• Monolingual Client Assistant
• Accessibility Assistant
• Session/Workshop Monitors/Continued Education Organization
• Merchandise Assistance/Sellers
• Vendor Assistant
• Family Conference Buddy (experienced family member to assist new family attendees with conference navigation)
Your turn: Tell us about you!
First Name (name you want used) *
Last Name (name you want used) *
Pronouns (how you want others to refer to you; i.e. they/them/theirs; she/her/hers; he/him/his) *
Email Address *
Primary Phone Number *
Emergency Contact Name & Phone *
Do you speak/sign any languages other than English? If so, which ones and what degree of fluency? (Ex. Spanish - First Language, ASL - Novice, Vietnamese - Intermediate, Mandarin - Advanced) *
Have you volunteered with GI previously? *
Did you attend the in-person GI Volunteer Orientation? *
Tell us about your interest in being a volunteer with Gender Infinity. *
What are the top 3 task you are most interested in assisting with during the 2019 GI Conference? (selection will not guarantee assignment) *
What times are you available to volunteer? *
If serving as a volunteer, what size t-shirt would you like? *
If you have access needs or accommodations that would make the conference more accessible for you, please let us know below.
Is there anything else you want us to know?
Thank you!
We appreciate your interest in supporting the Gender Infinity Conference.
Someone will be in touch soon!
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