Interest Survey-- BEETLES Classroom Activities
The BEETLES Project at the Lawrence Hall of Science is looking for classroom teachers to test several Pre- and Post- Outdoor Science Program activities that are designed to prepare students to engage in science discussions at an outdoor science program program, then apply and integrate the experiences they had during the program to further their learning.

This field test is open to classroom teachers whose students will attend an outdoor science program this Spring or have attended an outdoor science program this year, who will be able to either lead a pre-activity beforehand or a post-activity afterwards, and give feedback in the form of an online survey by June 20th, 2018. All teachers who commit to participating in the field test and complete a feedback survey will receive a $40 stipend per activity tested. The activities are intended to be used in grades 4-8, but could also be tested in older grades.

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We have two categories of activities we need tested, Pre and Post Activities.

"Pre" activities are intended to build students' capacity to evaluate quality of evidence used in explanations before they go to an outdoor science experience. Only select this option if your students will be attending an outdoor science program before the end of this school year, and you will have the time to do the lesson before they go.

Post" activities are intended to occur after a field experience, to help students integrate their experiences outside into the classroom, deepening their conceptual understandings and offering them the opportunity to practice skills learned in the field. Only select these options if your students have attended an Outdoor Science Program this year, or will be attending an Outdoor Science Program before this school year is over, with enough time in your schedule to test the activity afterwards.

Read through the activity descriptions below and select the activity would be most interested in doing, and can logistically test based on the logistics described above. If you are flexible and would be willing to test any one of several activities, check all activities you would be interested in field testing; you will only be assigned to test one unless you fill out multiple interest surveys.

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