Send in the Reinforcements!

The Genderplayful Marketplace is in need of some champions -- and one of those champions could be you!


About Us:
Genderplayful is a community-built marketplace that celebrates gender diversity! Picture a market like Etsy, only instead of selling hand-made art, vendors can sell clothing - their own, from before a transition, or thrift-store finds, or hand-tailored to fit people who don’t have very good luck at the mall. We sell more than just clothing, of course - we’ve already got custom unicorn horns and awesome radical queer jewelry.

Right now, we’re in Private Beta with our supporting community members, and we have a few early sellers. But we still have work to do before we get to our public launch, and we need help getting it done. (We're also an organization that's managed in our off-hours, so we need your extra boost of time and energy to help push us forward.)

About You:
- You love gender! And you don’t think of it as a binary.
- You LOVE this whole marketplace idea, and want to see it come to fruition, ASAP.
- You can reliably put a chunk of time into it every week.
- You have a BUNCH of energy to put into it.
- You are intelligent and Internet/tech-savvy.
- You are an excellent communicator.
- You are self-motivated; you find tasks that need doing and do ‘em without waiting to be told.
- You know all these things are true, but maybe don’t have a lot of “work experience” in these areas, and don’t want to get stuck doing menial tasks that don’t make use of your potential.
- You want to learn as you go and benefit from the experience of other folks who started out just like you.
- Bonus: If you happen to live in the SF Bay Area, that’s an extra plus, but by no means necessary.

What we need...

If you help with organizing, your role would involve supporting and aiming our volunteers, building relationships with vendors, keeping track of bugs and feedback about the site, managing our ads, and being a part of our voice to the world. There are others working on this stuff, too, and we'll help you figure out how best to approach it.

If you help with tech development, your role would involve PHP programming in a Wordpress environment (with lots of plugins) and a Git repository. You'll tweak our system to make it better, and build new features to help us out where we really need it. (We need you to be somewhat experienced with programming, Wordpress dev, and/or Git, and to be able to learn more on your own.)

We know these are big undertakings for volunteers, but we guarantee the project is worth it.

Tell us you can help out below!

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    You're awesome for taking the time to fill out this form and for offering to helping out with our project! There's a chance we might be slow getting back to you, but not to worry -- your responses will get to us, and we'll just be busy sorting through a bunch of details on our end. Talk to you soon!