Audubon Florida Birdathon Pledge
Audubon Florida continues to protect the places birds need to survive and thrive, even during the coronavirus outbreak.

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Earth Day on April 22, Audubon staff will engage in a 24-hour effort to record as many species as possible – in their own backyards! From the forests of Tallahassee to the shores of the Atlantic, from the heat of South Florida to the rural countryside, team members will count the birds that inspire our conservation, policy, education, and research programs.

To spur Audubon staff to count as many birds as humanly possible, make a pledge for each species they record!

Please note that this is not a payment form. After the Birdathon, we will send you a summary of our results and a form you can use to fulfill your pledge.
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What would you like to pledge? For example, you could pledge 25 cents per species seen. If the Birdathon records 100 species, your pledge would total $25. If the Birdathon records 150 species, your pledge would total $37.50. If you would prefer to pledge a flat amount, feel free! Thank you for your support.
Enter your pledge in cents per species recorded. Ex: "25" would denote a pledge of 25 cents per species recorded.
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