24 Days of Christmas Blog Posts
Sign up to guest post on BrookieCowles.com with your favorite HOLIDAY themed post. Email me at contact@brookiecowles.com with any questions or suggestions.

Suggested Post Ideas:

*Holiday book review
*Plan a Christmas party (you could showcase pictures of the location, food, decorations, etc.)
*Make an image board of your favorite holiday event, moment, book, dream, etc.
*Holiday gift lists
*Your favorite Christmas books as a child
*Your favorite holiday movies/music/books
*Your Christmas (or other winter holiday) traditions
*What Christmas is like in your country (Christmas around the world)
*What Christmas means to you
*A holiday short story/deleted scene set in the world of one of your books/with your characters
*What Christmas is like in your book's world
*A letter to Santa from one of your characters, your younger self, or now.
*What would your favorite character(s) send out in a Christmas card to their family?
*Plan a Secret Santa exchange for your favorite book/movie characters. Who gets who, and what do they give them?
*Favorite Holiday Recipe
*Favorite Holiday Tradition

**You may promote your own book or a giveaway for your book. Please let me know in advance if you plan to do a giveaway.

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