Mission Flight Scholarship Application
We are offering 1/2 off scholarships for:

1. Full / Part Students
2. Need based
3. Additional family members
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All minors not travelling with a parent or legal guardian will need a notarized letter giving permission for the minor to travel outside the U.S.
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Scholarship Description
Through the generosity of donors, Mission Flight is able to reduce half the cost for full or part-time students, those in financial need, or additional family members.

For example, if you have a family of four and all four would all like to come, then ideally the 1st person will pay the full price, and the other three family members would be half off. Now, if there is financial need, then all 4 family members could request the scholarship for half off.
Our Only Request...
Our only request is that you reach out on Facebook, or email, or by handing out a simple flyer to let people know that you are excited about your upcoming trip. Help spread the word about what Mission Flight is doing through amazing people like you. Ask if anyone else would like to partner and support you and our work. Send out the link to the trip where friends and family can select to financially support you.
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