Biathlon BC Cup 5 Feedback
At Telemark, we are always trying to improve what we do. This year featured the Zone4 chip timing system to provide live timing and more accurate results, penalty loop camera, more vee-boards, better fencing, a better sound system, photography on the pursuit day linked to Zone4 timing system, a new banquet venue and improved menu (thanks Alison & Jeff, Iva, Shendah, Donna and crew!), earlier race notice - well, you get the picture. But we know there is more to improve, from expanding our range to who knows what - and that is where you come in - tell us what we can do to make your race experience better. For questions that don't apply to you, just leave blank.
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Event Invitation
It was hard to follow
Clear & had all information needed
How could we improve the Event Invitation?
Your answer
Zone4 Signup
If you didn't use this, please just leave this question blank
I had problems with this
No issues, worked great!
Anything about the Zone4 Signup that needs adjusting?
Your answer
Telemark Biathlon website
could not find information I needed
had all the information I wanted
Quota System and Wait List
Please find a way for more athletes
Liked the size of the event, don't change it
Suggestions to improve quota management
Your answer
Hotel Prices
Prices were too high
Prices were great
Hotel Choices
Choices were too limited
Choices were great!
Hotel Locations
Way too far away
Great, convenient locations
Telemark Nordic Club
Hard to find
Easy to find
Telemark Lodge
Needs improvement
Really nice
Suggestions to improve lodge or directions to TNC
Your answer
Waxing facilities
Inadequate for our needs
Had everything we needed
How could we improve waxing arrangements?
Your answer
Emergency Action Plan
We posted an Emergency Action Plan, following the good idea we saw at Caledonia (thanks CNSC!).
First Aid Responders
not adequate
well looked after
Friday Practice
Things did not go well (not talking about how you shot...)
Everything was great
How could we improve Friday practice?
Your answer
Team Captain's Meeting
It was not well managed
Everything went as expected
How could we improve Team Captain's Meeting?
Your answer
Friday Courses (check all that apply)
How could we improve the courses for Friday?
Your answer
Race Day Zero (check all that apply)
How could we improve the Race Day zero period?
Your answer
How would we improve the race experience?
Your answer
Finish Box
Anything need improvement in the finish area?
Your answer
Stadium Area
How could we improve the stadium area?
Your answer
Start lists
Took too long to get
Start lists were out on time
How could we improve the start lists?
Your answer
Results took too long to produce
Results were out on time
Chip Timing
Thanks to Kyle at Zone4 and Barry/Craig/Rob/Andrew at Telemark for making everything run like, well, clockwork.
Hated it
Loved it
How could we improve the results?
Your answer
didn't like it
loved it
Banquet (check all that apply)
Thanks to Alison, Jeff, Iva, Shendah, Donna and crew for making that mountain of food!
How could we improve the Banquet?
Your answer
On Line Photography
Thanks to Dave Webster for freezing his hands all day Sunday to take photos of every athlete, all synced in with our timing system
no interest
they are fantastic
Overall Weekend Race Experience
General Comments on the race weekend
Hope everyone made it home safe - good luck for the rest of your season!
Your answer
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