Adult New Member Initial Application
Applications are due before Wednesday, October 2, 2019.
Congratulations on your decision to apply for membership with Multnomah County Sheriff's Office Search and Rescue (MCSOSAR). This is an opportunity that few people have, to be able to serve the communities in which they live. Membership is a privilege that will have many rewards. Search and Rescue is hard work, but is also enjoyable and presents unique opportunities for our members.

What will we be expecting of you? As a new member, you will be expected to attend Wednesday night training meetings, and one weekend training outing per month until certification. In addition, each member is expected to be available for SAR missions at any time, and on any day. Most calls for assistance occur in the early morning hours, and some require immediate response. Members are also expected to purchase and maintain a minimum amount of personal SAR equipment.

Family members play a very important role for members that don't drive. Many new members may not be of age to drive. Often, their family and friends are called upon to ensure members can get to meetings, events, and missions on time, and to help provide financial support for required equipment. It is their selfless work and sacrifice, on behalf of the SAR member, that makes our existence possible.

How will you benefit from this experience? This is a question you must answer for yourself. If you enjoy outdoor activities, and feel called to public service, you will find great opportunities within MCSOSAR. The work is not easy, is often thankless, exhausting and painful, and is not for everyone. A great deal of responsibility and trust is required of each member. Please take time considering the questions on the application form below and answer honestly, and completely.

This is only the first step. Applications will be reviewed and put through a selection process. Annual intake of new members is limited to the number we can transport, supervise, train, and manage under current staffing.
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