1-1-1 Mentorship Program 2019
Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women (BPWHK) is organizing a 3 tire mentorship program, which consists of seasoned mentors in the society, on entrepreneurship, on women’s empowerment, and on politics etc, our members will be the facilitators and work with younger generation from university. We together the team of 3 will work on a project that can solve a social issue. We are also looking to organize a pitching day in September to share the result of the social innovation program.

Organizer: Hong Kong Association of Business and Professional Women
Supporting Organisations: The Women Entrepreneurs Network, Women in MBA Network and The Outstanding Young Persons' Association

Program Objectives:
- To enhance the development of members of BPWHK with a seasoned professional as their mentors and an university undergraduates as their mentees;
- To generate more social innovation ideas and action plans for the betterment of Hong Kong;
- To strengthen the #BalanceForBetter theme of IWD2019;
- To liaise with other organizations and associations in Hong Kong in raising awareness on women empowerment and gender equality.

Target Participants:
Mentors: 10 seasoned professionals from various organizations and associations
Big Sisters: 10 BPWHK members age ranging from 30-40 years - mostly professionally from various sectors
Mentees: 10 university students from different faculties
* All mentees are required to be female in alignment with the Women Commission Funding Scheme

Important Dates:
May 31 - Members and Mentees Application Deadline
Jun 27 - 1-1-1 Mentorship Program Opening Ceremony
Jul 18 - Training program 1
Aug 3 - Training program 2
Oct 19 - Pitching Day

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