To what extent has the curriculum help you to enrich your knowledge and reach your goal? *
Grade your level of confidence to face competitive exams and interviews with the training given in the College? *
How far have you become competent in the use of English Language? *
Rate the quality of teaching in the College? *
The use of audio visual aids, information and communication technology in teaching learning? *
To what extent your teachers understood your problems emotional/Academic/personal and give you satisfactorily help? *
Your participation in extra curricular activities during your three years? *
How far have the NSS/NCC/Rotract/AICUF/Women's Cell hep you to reach out to society? *
The teachers role in your participation in your extra-curricular activities? *
Your level of satisfaction with the activities undertaken in the College to actualize your expectations? *
How do you rate your three years study in this institution? *
To what extent has the daily prayer at the assembly and other training programs helped you to enrich your attitude towards life? *
Are the infrastructural facilities available in the College adequate to promote your learning experience? *
Rate the access to facility of the Library? *
Rate the overall satisfaction level being a Theresian? *
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