3D Game Development Startup Basic Course 1
In this course, one gets to learn about the basics of 3d game development using Unity3D and Blender3D. Optimization of the 3d game for a handheld device is the priority.
After completing the course, one should have the basics of optimized and smooth-running games.

Please fill the form and we will choose the one suitable candidate for the course.

Details -

Course outline -

1. Introduction to Unity3D game engine.
2. Introduction to Blender3D
3. Low poly 3d modeling
a. Optimizing
b. Design
c. Modeling
d. Texturing (basic)
e. Rigging (basic)
f. Animation (basic)
g. Exporting for a game engine
4. Introduction to audacity
5. A hand-on simple 3d game project development project
6. App store publishing introduction.
7. Introduction to ASO
8. Publishing support

Course length -

4 Weeks - 2 Days per week - total 8 classes - class duration ~2 hours

1st class - 3D game development intro, Intro to Unity3d, Intro to Blender3D
2nd class - 3D model optimization concepts, 3D low poly model designing, and modeling
3rd class - Basic low poly model optimization for games, optimized texturing
4th class - Basic rigging and animation, exporting
5th class - Audio editing, introduction to audacity, Simple 3d game designing and development 0
6th class - Simple 3d game designing and development 1
7th class - Simple 3d game designing and development 2
8th class - Building, Publishing, and ASO for games

Number of students - 1 Only with exclusive dedication for guidance and support
(Disciple will be chosen after applying for the course online)

Course fee - BDT 15,000/-
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