Renewal House Volunteer Application
Renewal House prohibits the discrimination or harassment of any person based on race, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, and national origin. Submission of a volunteer application does not guarantee acceptance as a Renewal House volunteer or intern.
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Are you applying for a Volunteer Position or Internship?
New Advocate Training
In order to volunteer, the full 30-hour New Advocate Training is required. The training will be at SUNY Potsdam, and will be offered:

Saturday, January 28, 9am-5pm
Sunday, January 29, 12-5pm
Tuesday, January 31, 6-9pm
Wednesday, February 1, 6-9pm
Thursday, February 2, 6-9pm
Saturday, February 4, 12pm-3pm

*There will also be a video component, which will be completed on your own time.

Can you attend all of the dates listed above?
If no, explanation:
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Volunteer Preferences and Availability
Area of Interest
Below are the positions we have available for the upcoming training:
Other Opportunities of Interest:
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How did you learn about Volunteering at Renewal House?
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Have you been employed by or volunteered for Renewal House in the past?
If so, when, and what service?
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Are you a former victim or survivor of domestic violence? (optional)
Have you received services from Renewal House in the past?
If so, when did you last receive services from Renewal House?
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Are you proficient in a foreign language?
If so, which language or languages?
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Work and/or Volunteer Experience
Please give a record of recent (within 3 years) work and/or volunteer experience.
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Please list THREE references; two professional and one personal (close friend or family member) to include: Name, Relationship, and Email Address.
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Additional Questions
Describe the skills and experience you hope to gain through volunteering at Renewal House.
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Describe any training, skills, or experiences, both professional and personal, that you could offer in your role as a volunteer at Renewal House.
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Describe what you think a successful outcome would be when working with a victim of domestic violence or sexual assault.
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Any additional information, views or comments you would like to add.
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Do you currently have any pending charges against you, or have you ever been convicted of, pleaded guilty of no contest to, been placed on probation, fined, imprisoned or incarcerated, or paroled for any offense (i.e. felony, misdemeanor, ordinance violation or forfeiture) other than minor traffic violations?
If your answer is yes, please explain the circumstances for each charge or offense. (NOTE: A pending charge will not automatically bar you from volunteering.)
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