Hookahville 53 Vendor Application
Thank you for your interest in vending at Hookahville 53 (May 29 - 31 at Brushy Fork Phamily Ranch in Newark, OH).

Craft Vending Prices

If you Pay by Feb 1, 2020
Up to 10' of frontage - $125 + $75 per ticket
Up to 20' of frontage - $225 + $75 per ticket

*All employees need a ticket.
*Vending booths cannot be deeper than 20'
*Craft vendors will only receive power for basic lighting and charging phones/laptops.
*Craft vendors may be required to carry insurance and provide documentation.

Walking vendors are welcome at Hookahville 53 for just $75 in addition to your ticket. This can be paid at the gate. You will be given a special pass you must display at all times.

Food Vending Prices

*Food vending is limited to 5 full-service vendors.
*Food vendors will be guaranteed 2 20 amp plugs.
*Food vendors are required to carry insurance and provide documentation.

$1000 for 20'x20' and 4 tickets

Specialty Vending Prices (Coffee or Desserts)

Exclusive Coffee vending or desert vending (elephant ears, funnel cakes, popcorn) is $350 and includes 2 tickets. No other vendors can serve coffee or fried desserts.

After reviewing your application we will send you an invoice.
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