Flight Information and Tours
July 2-7, 2019
Cartagena, Colombia

Please complete this form by May 15th so we may arrange airport transportation and tours.

If you are traveling with your partner and have the same itinerary, only one of you needs to complete this form but make sure to list both of your names. If you have different itineraries or tour preferences, then each you should complete the form so we can arrange transportation and tours accordingly.
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If you made a deposit, you are confirmed for a room in the mansion. Room assignments will be made based on the order in which I received payments. Assignments will made once we are onsite.
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If no, please provide the information for where you are staying.
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For each tour, indicate the number of spots that you want to reserve.

PLEASE NOTE: For the Beach Day, you may either reserve a sun bed by the beach or by the pool. There is a DJ and music by the pool and it has more of a party vibe. If you prefer something quieter and more relaxing, you may prefer a sun bed by the beach. Please specify your preference below.
July 3 - Walking historic tour in the old city & street art tour (2-3 hours) - $40/ person
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July 4 - San Basilio de Palenque tour (4-5 hours) - $80/ person (includes lunch)
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July 5 - Beach Day at Blue Apple Beach Resort (all day) - $27/ person for resort day pass (includes boat transportation and sun bed by the beach or pool, must spend at least 100,000 pesos (~$35) for food and beverage at the resort)
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*** If you will attend the Beach Day, please review the menu and select your lunch order. Since we have a large group, the restaurant would like to plan accordingly. If you would prefer to select your meal later, just let me know. See menu at https://bit.ly/2Dg3c5f (exchange rate is approx 3100 pesos=$1)
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