We as a project.
Here we are asking some basic questions about how we would all like to see the project grow and flourish. We have many decisions coming up and are trying to see what your thoughts are as a group. We also need to make sure we have everyone's updated contact info for our records, The original applications are missing in action. this information is for the board only. There is no right or wrong answer just your opinion. So have fun with it.
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Please list the phone number you prefer the project to reach you on.
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Please list your street address including city and state.
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Please list your email you use most often. If you have more than one list them in order of use.
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Please tell us which sites or social media you use.
This is for the purpose of setting up sites for FlGenWeb Project, Inc. in the future. please check all that apply.
In this box please list your user names
If you would like to be added to any pages or accounts that is or maybe be set up in the future.
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How would you rather Check in each month? *
Do you know who the officers are in the event you have a question or problem? *
Do you know what to tell someone if they ask about joining the project? *
How do you feel about this survey and maybe others? *
How would you feel about a contest such as County of the Month? *
Do you have any ideas on how to make the project more enjoyable for all of us? *
If you have a new idea please list it below so that we may take a poll on it as well. If not please state how you feel about the project adding new ideas and asking for your input on moving us forward.
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Do you think we should have a place on our state pages to list past cc's or acc's to honor the work they did. *
Do you believe we should have a index listing our officers with contact info linked? *
If the board is going to vote on a new idea would you like the chance to vote off board in a poll? *
So they the board know your opinion before they vote.
Do you know who your representative is for each of your counties? *
Do you know what your job titles and responsibilities are? *
What changes do you believe need to be made going forward.
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