BC Stronger Together Project - Understanding Family Experiences Survey
Dear BC families impacted by substance use,

Since 2015, Moms Stop the Harm has existed to support one another through this mutually experienced crisis. We have our closed Facebook community and in-person support groups (Healing Hearts and Holding Hope), where our members provide family-led support to each other every day. We want to continue to expand that.

The purpose of this short survey is to understand what the gaps and opportunities are for starting a family-led support network in your community. We will use your feedback to continue to build the capacity of our members to do just that.

Questions 1-4 are anonymous. If you answer “yes” to questions 5 and/or 6, question 7 will ask you for your contact information so we can follow up with you. If you prefer to remain anonymous, you can email us your responses to questions 5-7 instead at strongertogether@momsstoptheharm.com.

Thank you,
Moms Stop the Harm BC
1. How did you hear about Stronger Together? *
2. What community in BC do you live in? *
3. Do you have access to family-led support in your community? *
"Family-led support" is any support group or network (either formal or informal) that is led by a person who has experienced the grief of losing a loved one or is struggling with a loved one using drugs.
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